Message of Prayer from JESUS, LORD and LOVER of THE DIVINE WILL
For All Who Want To Deepen Their Spiritual Life
April 13, 2001 (first anniversary apparition) through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

My Dear Little ones,

Although, today I wish to be with you and give you My message on prayer, there’s someone I wish to introduce to you. (He’s dressed all in white and He’s moving back toward the left. There is a door behind Him. There is great light emanating from this door. It’s so bright! There’s somebody stepping through. It’s, it’s God the Father! Jesus is standing by God the Father and He says, [the group falls to their knees)

My dear ones, My Father wishes to give you this message on prayer. (Ah, God the Father, He has a long white beard.  He’s dressed in gold and there’s like a light   emanating from His head, but His whole being is light! He says,)

My dear little ones,

I am God Your Father.

I come from Heaven to love you and to ask you in prayer to RETURN TO ME!

My little ones,

You see My Son at the Cross and you see your mother there beside the Cross, but do you see Me there as well?

Look at the Cross, My little ones, and see Me, Your Father, so painfully connected to it too. Watch Me as I cradle My Son in My arms, Whom I love, Whom I have created, Whom I have sacrificed for your return.

My little ones,

He gave Himself to you freely, and I preferred you, all, even above My Son.

I have loved My creatures from the beginning of time, so much so, that I sacrificed My only begotten Son so that all who believe in Him will not die but have everlasting life.

My little ones, My message on prayer is simple. (His majesty is unbelievable!)

Know this, from this time forward and always, when you receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, you receive Me, your Father, as well.


When you receive the Eucharistic Jesus, not only do you receive My Son, but you receive ME.

My little ones, let this Good Friday be a preparation for you to meet the Eucharistic Jesus anew. Receive My Son, and you receive ME. I dwell within My Son, and thus when you receive My Son, you receive Me, and thus through My Son, I dwell in you, and so does Our Holy Spirit. To deny this would be to deny the Divinity of Christ, your Savior, and the Most Holy Trinity.

My little ones,

I come today to tell you I love you and that I bless everybody in this room, and all your intentions, and all that’s on the altar and by the altar and under the altar. Everything I am blessing with a special grace and blessing.

But I invite you to return to Me through My Son’s Eucharistic Reign and through His Cross.

Through His Cross, through My Son’s Cross, not only did He redeem you, but I also redeemed you by My merciful love.

Peace be with you all.

I bless you with the Sign of the Holy Trinity. (He’s backing away into a light, into the door. He’s gone. Jesus is stepping behind the left side of the door, into the middle. There is no door anymore, but He’s bursting in light. He says He will now give His message for the Prayer Group.)

Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
April 13, 2002 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(I see St Michael the Archangel. He’s blowing the trumpet. He says, “All kneel down before Our Lord, and God and Creator” I see God the Father! I see Him!  I see the Holy Spirit, too.  He’s coming to rest  on a cloud. By His left arm I see Jesus. I see His mother holding Jesus in her arms.  I see St Joseph by the right hand of Jesus. Jesus is a child. He’s nine months old.  I see angels, the little faces that Mary steps on, I see them. I see angels dressed in blue robes, in white robes. I see St Michael on the right, St Gabriel on the left. I see in the background three people. It’s St Therese of the Child Jesus. I see St Thomas More, but I should point out he doesn’t look like that in the picture. His nose isn’t big either. I see St Anna, too, dressed all in white. Our Lady says that I should look up to see God the Father. God the Father, there He is. I see His Sacred Heart. He says,)

My dear ones,

Today I come among you to establish devotion to My Sacred Heart. On this anniversary day and on every anniversary day up until the date that I choose, I shall appear. Today My message is this: I WISH THAT ALL PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD HAVE A DEVOTION TO MY SACRED HEART. (He’s holding out His Heart.) I wish My Sacred Heart to be spread and to be put beside the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus and before the Immaculate Heart of your mother Mary.

My children, this June shall begin the special day, My feast day of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. The day established by My Church for the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus, the day before that, is My feast day of My Sacred Heart.

I did not just come to reveal that date to you, but to tell you that I wish for everyone to know the eight promises that I shall give for those who have a devotion to My Sacred Heart.

  1. I shall establish peace within all families and the father shall be the head of that household.
  2. I will bring peace to a nation who so consecrates themselves to My Sacred Heart, or in your case, state.
  3. I shall also protect these children from war, poverty and hunger. Plus, I shall establish peace within that community who has a devotion to My Sacred Heart.
  4. I shall give to you My Divine and Most Holy Will. The people who consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Me, their Father, shall learn to live and pray in The Divine Will. This gift I can give to anyone I choose and I freely choose to dispose this gift upon you. When you consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart, you shall live, know, and do My Will.
  5. Those who consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart shall also be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to Mary, your most holy mother. They shall not be My people, but they shall be My children, sons and daughters of God most high. As Jesus is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased, and as Mary is My beloved daughter, so shall you all be sons and daughters of God, a beloved royal family, consecrated to My Most Sacred Heart.
  6. (He’s looking over everyone) I shall establish within each person the grace of loving Me, their Father, with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their minds. If anyone comes to Me and consecrates his soul and his life to My Sacred Heart, I shall fill him with the burning desire of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit shall imprison his heart with fire and it shall be set on fire for love of Me and their mother Mary, and Jesus, My Son. I shall do this to every heart that consecrates themselves to me, the Sacred Heart of the Father.
  7. I will answer your prayers powerfully and unexpectedly, but know this, you shall gain the gift of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, if it is not in The Kingdom of the Divine Will for you to ask of this, then it shall not be given unto you. If you are led by the Spirit and with the Divine Will, I will answer your prayers.
  8. I will heal the hearts of My children. I see your pain. I see your sufferings, and if I in all My glory can cry in seeing you suffer, then know that I rejoice in healing men’s hearts. Come to Me, My children who suffer and who cry, and I shall heal your heart and make it like unto My Heart, rich in love and mercy and free from wounds and injuries. Just a touch of the Golden Love from My Heart is enough to heal your hearts of pain forever. (# 8 added by God the Father out of His love for humanity on April 14, 2002 in a private apparition to Chris.)

This is what I have come to say today. The eight promises I shall give to all nations, all kindred and tongues and people who accept My Heart as the Sacred Heart of the Father.

In 1917 your Blessed Mother has asked you for devotion to her Immaculate Heart to stop World War II. Now before the coming chastisements and before a greater war that may be looming in the future, I come to ask for this devotion to not only be spread, but practised in all religious institutions and homes throughout the world. I tell you in truth. Those who love God their Father would humble themselves before My Son, and those who seek to not only have a devotion to Me, but to serve Me should love and serve their mother. This is My desire and My wish. I bless you today with the sign of the Most Holy Trinity, which is the cross and I extend to you as a blessing My Most Fatherly, Sacred, Loving Heart. (He’s blessing us with the Sign of the Cross. He says that He will come every year on this anniversary to speak about this devotion and He also says Mary shall now give me a private message.)

Message from GOD THE FATHER
To JESUS and MARY’S Prayer Group and The World
April 13, 2003 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

My dear children,

I told you that every year I would return on this date to give a special message about devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart, and today on this third anniversary day, I invite you and call you again to the call of My Most Fatherly Sacred Heart. Come unto Me, little children, and let me love you. I am Your creator and Your Maker. No one has greater love for you than I.

This anniversary day, I speak to you about consecrating yourselves to My Most Fatherly Sacred Heart through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Consecrate yourselves to her and to her Immaculate Heart, and she will lead you to Me. I am your Father and I love you all, always. However, she is your mother, My beloved daughter which I gave to you at the foot of My Son’s Cross.

If you wish to have a devotion to My Sacred Heart, you must first have a devotion to your mother. Those who love Me, would love and honor the Blessed Mother. She is my daughter, mother of the second person of the Holy Trinity. She is the Holy Spirit’s spouse and My most beloved daughter. If you wish to obtain graces, come to her. She is a channel of My graces and blessings to mankind. Those who seek graces and blessings must always go to her.

Today, also, I ask as in Fatima, Portugal, when the Blessed Mother asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, I ask for the consecration of these United States to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. I will bring devotion, love, peace, and mercy wherever this devotion is practiced.

Those who wish to obtain graces and be consecrated to My Heart, I say first, be children of Mary. Love your mother. Then you shall love and honor Me. My Fatherly Sacred Heart is extended to you. (I see His heart It is gold with flames of light coming everywhere. There’s fire of gold and even the heart is gold.)

I bless you, My children, and ask you to be diligent in spreading devotion to My Most Fatherly Sacred Heart. My mercy is upon you this day and I grace you with My blessings of love and mercy. (He’s moving away. I see a figure coming towards me. It’s Our Lady!)

Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
April 13, 2004 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(St Gabriel says, “All kneel. All kneel down before the Lord your God and Creator!” [Everyone kneels.]) Chris says, “He’s here! I can see Him. He has a white beard and His eyes are piercing, but I can’t really see them. There’s light all around Him, and I can’t make out really a Heavenly body. I can only make out parts of Him. I see a long golden robe that He’s wearing, but it doesn’t go anywhere. It just sort of vanishes. He’s ready to give His message. He says,)

My dear and beloved children of My earth,

I have told you that every year on this date that I shall appear and give a message regarding My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Today, on this day, not only do I wish you all to promulgate this devotion, I wish you to know why I’ve chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of My Fatherly Heart.

I created it long before this land came into being. And long before settlers came onto this land, there were a few holy tribes that consecrated this land to a spirit known as The Creator God.

Then as the new world settlers came to this land and spread out throughout Maryland and the United States, especially here, the pilgrims who came here had a great devotion to Me, always. As you may know, the first settlers to trod on this land were from England and they were called the Puritans. They had a great devotion to Me. They loved Me with all their heart even though their laws were strict and even though I did not ask them to be that strict, they regarded Me as the highest above all. I am the Lord Your God and Creator.

And later, in the 1800’s as more people spread and came to Maryland, especially in Gaithersburg, this holy place was founded upon a center of Jewish beliefs. Synagogues were built here, dedicated to Me, and still exist today. (not the buildings)

I come to tell you that you are so loved by Me and that it is for these historical reasons that I have chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. But beyond this reason, there is a more simple one, and that is your simplicity. Historically as you continued to grow as a town, you continued to experience many changes of life and all its complexities, but yet you never lost your faith and you never lost hope. Those who have lived here consecrated their lives to Me from the very beginning and throughout its history, all of you have been consecrated to Me. Even now there are many people who do not know yet of Me or this devotion. They consecrate themselves, their family, and their land to Me.

Simplicity, My dear ones, this is what I look for, not your greatness and not your knowledge, but your simplicity and how you live the gospel of My Son Jesus Christ.

I chose this place first because it also provides a crucial vein to your mother’s Immaculate Heart (Emmitsburg). How can your mother’s Immaculate Heart be formed without the crucial vein that formed her Immaculate Heart, Which is Me, her Lord and her God.

My dear little ones, I also wish to give you a mission. This mission is to spread devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. It is time, My dear ones, to awaken your faith. Hear, look, and behold the great grace and gift that I will give you today. 

(There’s a scapular.  It’s a blue scapular!  There are angels all around    it! I see angels and I see on the front, on the top of the scapular, a picture. It is God the Father! He’s holding out his Fatherly Sacred Heart and it’s gold and there are flames and it’s coming to life, I mean the scene, the picture on the scapular. He says regarding this picture,)

My Fatherly Sacred Heart yearns to save humanity. It is for this reason that I hold out My Fatherly Sacred Heart so that My little children may grab hold tightly to it.

(Now I see the bottom end of the scapular. I see Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. She’s seated on the throne and she’s holding in her left arm, the Child Jesus. The Child Jesus is upright. In her right hand she’s holding out her Immaculate Heart and I guess it would be His right hand. Jesus is holding out His hand and in His little hand is His Sacred Heart. God the Father says,)

In this image, behold, you see this. You see Mary presented as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Know that those who wear this scapular* will have the protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and be preserved from eternal fire. Also, those who are consecrated will receive the grace and blessing of being consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. And those who are consecrated to this scapular and wear it devotedly will also be enthralled in the virtues of the Christ Child and also be consecrated to His Most Sacred Heart. That is why Mary holds out her Immaculate Heart and Jesus is holding out His Sacred Heart. It is being given to you and offered up to all of humanity as means of salvation.

(I see on the back of the scapular, on the top of the reverse side. There’s an image, yes, it’s written in gold The letters read, “Those who consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of the Father, also consecrate themselves to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.” I see another image at the bottom end of the scapular. There are three hearts. One is golden, one is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and one is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but they’re positioned in like a triangle. The top would be the Sacred Heart of God the Father. The bottom, I guess it would be to the right of God the Father, would be Jesus’ Sacred Heart, and to the left, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Again, God the Father says,)

Behold My promise. Those who consecrate themselves to My Most Fatherly Sacred Heart will be also consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of your mother and to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, your Savior, Jesus. I promise special graces:

  1. I promise peace and
  2. I also promise that I will protect you from all dangers and spiritual attacks of Satan, whether it be to the body, soul, mind, from any form of attack you will be protected, even against weather and plagues.
  3. I also make this promise against My just judgment which will occur, and is occurring now. Those who wear it devotedly will receive protection against My judgment and against the bowls of judgment (Rev. 16) that are being released upon this nation and the world now.

My dear children of the world, know that I do not come to punish you but to ask you to simply return to Me. This is the whole purpose of the scapular and of the Hearts that are being given to you to help you along your journey home, not to punish but to call you back. Granted there are great graces you will receive and protection, and I promise you these things because I love you.

  1. I also promise something that has never been done before. Those who wear this scapular and make a nine-day novena to Me, will receive the answer to their prayers that they ask for, one answered prayer for every nine-day novena prayed with the scapular. Make no mistake about this. This is My gift to you and this is it. You will receive everything by asking Me and by honoring Me as your Lord God and Father.

Now, My special blessing I give you is the graces from My Fatherly Sacred Heart. (I see His Heart! Its gold. It’s on fire. It’s engulfed in flames and there are rays of light and it’s engulfed in light and it’s everywhere. He says,) When the consecration to the world is sufficiently realized and the consecration of your nation is officially done, I will then bless the whole world, not just you here, with the rays of graces from My heart. (He’s blessing us, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.)

My dear little ones, go in My peace. (He’s backing away The angels are moving away, too, but there’s a beautiful light. It’s fading. Now it’s gone.)

**Editors Note: This Blue Scapular was approved by Chris’s Spiritual Director August 28, 2004, and who is waiting for the approval of the Bishop who has not yet responded.

Message from GOD THE FATHER to The World
April 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(He’s here and He brought with Him the three archangels, St Gabriel to my left, St Michael to my right, and up above is St Raphael. God the Father is seated on a white throne, and He’s in a long white tunic, or dress, and I can’t see His face, it’s just all light, and He speaks. Now I can hear Him. He says,)

On this day, the fifth anniversary of My appearances here, I give to you as a gift, to be always with you, the three archangels. I encourage you to have a devotion to them because they will remain here even after all the other appearances stop. They will be here in a special way to watch over you, to protect you, and to guide you to Me. Seek their help and their intercession, for I hear their prayers.

My dear ones, on this day I announce to you very simply the devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. I desire that there shall be the First Monday of five consecutive months. You shall recite the Sorrowful Mysteries, and you shall go to Confession, receive My Son in the Blessed Sacrament, and obtain healing for your own wounds and for My wounds that you inflict on Me daily.

Through these First Five Mondays of the month, you will receive healing and grace and console My wounded, Fatherly Sacred Heart. I desire that this devotion be done beginning in April and ending in August. You should make and do the First Five Mondays of the month; however, because this devotion is just new to you and it is already April, this year it shall be extended until September. Therefore, it shall begin next month (May) and end in September. And the following years, it shall be held always April through August, the First Mondays devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.

You ask what graces I will give to you through this devotion? I will grant to you pardon and peace through My Son Jesus, and I will protect you from all forms of justice that I shall bring. Your heart shall have peace as I bring you closer to Mine and draw you away from sin. You shall be able, without question, to surrender yourself to Me and live in My Holy and Divine Will. The graces that I shall give are healing to your hearts and to Mine. When I speak of healing, I speak also of emotional and physical healing, suffering of every kind.

Amend your ways and help heal My heart. Make reparation to My heart, and I shall heal your wounds. And My wounds shall be healed, and We shall dwell together in the paradise of My Will as One. The promises and graces that I give through this devotion are limitless, simply because I desire you to return back to Me. I love you, My dear and beloved children, and I call you to surrender yourselves to My heart.  Pray, pray, pray, and make the First Monday devotions.

I love you and I bless you. May simple hearts carry out My desires and My intentions. I bless you, (He’s blessing us.) in the name of the Father, which is Me, the Son which is here also, and the Holy Spirit which is with us both. Make reparation to My heart, and I promise you I will heal your heart. This is your way of seeking your salvation. Your hearts will be healed, healed, healed from pain, from sorrow, if only you will love Me and make the First Mondays. Bless you.

Now, I shall return to My throne, and as I return, I leave you the gift of the three archangels and always My Son in the Blessed Sacrament, and your Most Holy Mother. She loves you so much and so do I. Know this, My dear ones, it is because of My Son and your mother that I am with you today and always with you, even in the Blessed Sacrament. (He’s departing. There’s a big light. Everything is being enveloped in it. The light’s dimming. It’s gone.)


Message from GOD THE FATHER to The World
April 13, 2006, through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(The angels are all around. I see God. He’s seated on this big, carved throne, and He’s in a long white gown, and I can see His body, I can see His hands and His feet, and I don’t see His face – it’s all light. Angels are singing They’re singing “Glory to the Lord.” God the Father, He says,)

My dear and beloved children of My earth,

Today I have come among you to give to you a very special message for all of mankind. Today, I hold out My heart to humanity. (He’s holding out his heart. There’s so much light. His heart is out, and it’s over us. It’s gold, and the flames are just fire, it’s fire of light. He says,)

I hold out My heart to give it to humanity, to all My children in a last and desperate attempt to save their souls and restore life to My children. I desire that people venerate the image of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. I desire that people place this picture alongside the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary painting and pictures.

I desire to be venerated in the homes. Every family should honor the heart of the Father, for it is out of the heart of the Father that I sent you My only begotten Son to save and redeem humanity.

Today, I give My heart as a symbol of My love and to draw them back to My Spirit which I give freely through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Come back to My heart, live in My kingdom, and receive My true peace. For this to happen, people must venerate and acknowledge My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Oh, how so often it is spoken of in Holy Scriptures, yet no one pays any attention to it.

My heart is real! It truly beats and longs for all My children to be in My kingdom and free from sin and Satan. My heart yearned to send the Savior, My Son, into the world, and through that I send also, through My heart, your only mother, your Most Holy Mother, and she loves you so much and desires you to return back to the Kingdom of Heaven also. I desire that through this painting, great conversions will be given, and that the family that venerates Me and My Fatherly Sacred Heart will receive grace in abundance.

First is that the family shall have peace, and

Second, the fathers shall be given all the graces that they need to lovingly discipline their children and draw them closer in love to My heart and to Jesus.

Three, I shall give to those who make a request to My heart, peace, true peace. I shall answer your request but only according to My Will.

I shall also give to you the grace of knowing My Will. Whatever My Will is for you, you will know when you venerate My Sacred Heart. It is only through veneration of My Fatherly Sacred Heart that you will know what My Will is for you.

Let Me explain, My dear beloved children. My Will always existed, but yet no one has knowledge of what I desire of them. They do not know where to go or where to turn in their life. I am there! I am here! Ask Me, “What is Your Will, Oh Heavenly Father?” and I will reveal to you what My Will is for you. I will open doors to the poor. I will open doors to the lonely, for all those who venerate My Fatherly Sacred Heart. And to promulgate this devotion, I desire that people, when they receive an image of this painting, that they go before it, pray, first from your heart, whatever comes to your heart, and pray an “Our Father” and mean it! You cannot error if you pray the “Our Father”, for the “Our Father” is the most perfect Will (prayer?) to Me, perfect in prayer and perfect in unity to My Will. (And there’s a big light. It’s engulfing the Father. It’s a big, big light. It’s landing on the painting!)

The painting is coming to life He’s alive! He’s right there where the painting is!

My heart I give to humanity. Take up My heart by living the gospels of My Son and by living every word of Sacred Scripture. Receive My heart, My dear ones, by loving Me and accepting Me as your Father. All graces come to you through Me first. I am the Father. I am God.  Every grace I give, I give to you. I also give through Jesus, My Son who is the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, and through Our Lady, your Most Holy Mother. I give you My heart. Do not blaspheme My heart. Do not mock Me. Never tempt Me, for My eyes see all. For those who love Me, I shall bless. For those who hate Me, I shall curse. I desire to give you My heart, but you must receive it in a state of grace. You must be willing to love unconditionally.

I shall bless you, My dear little ones, with the blessing of My heart. (He’s taking a flame from His heart! Yes, there’s a flame in His hand!) Just one single speck of this flame can purify you and give you all the graces that you will need. Come to Me every day so that each day I may give to you new flames of graces and purification. This is My blessing for you. (He threw it! He says,)

The flame that you have received is going into you. (He’s making the Sign of the Cross, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.)

Now I shall depart, but before I shall depart, I desire to tell you that I mourn over the separation of churches, especially the Orthodox and Catholic churches. Everyone should realize that they are one Church united through My Son and dwell within My heart. The separation of the churches is of your own doing. I desire to save humanity, but it is humanity’s choice whether they will receive My heart or reject it. If they reject it, the greatest chastisement that I will send upon humanity will be to forsake you. I will leave you to your own doing.  This is the worst punishment ever because I have always dwelt with My people throughout all times. But when My people did not listen, even in the Old Testament, I departed from them. So do not be concerned about worldly goods, but be concerned about the love you have for Me, My Son, the Holy Spirit, and your Blessed Mother.

Now I shall bless you again and depart, (in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.)


Message from GOD THE FATHER to The World
August 15, 2006 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

I am the Father of Mercy and of Love. I need to say to My children that when they call to Me, I answer them. Not a single prayer do I miss, and not a single person who prays to Me goes away empty-handed. My children need to understand that I am with them always and that My mercy is not limited to just one particular group of people. My fatherly mercy is for all people! All people, regardless of race, religion, or creed who call on this Father, receive grace in abundance. That is why I say, “Do not judge lest you be judged,” for I alone know the hearts of men. I alone know the full intentions of the heart.

Satan is causing great division among all classes and walks of life, and you need to know how to protect yourself. One thing that will protect you and always bring you back home to Me is love, when you love Me with all your heart, all your mind, all your strength, and all your soul. Even a sinner most hardened, if he were to love Me and call to Me like the prodigal son, I would bring him home. It is true that men are sinful but I still love them. There are many who are good who have made some very bad mistakes. That is why I want to call them back to My Most Fatherly Sacred Heart, for the sake of the good and the bad that can still be saved.

I also say, “Thou shall not kill.” Thou shall not kill My people.  I am the Creator, you are not. Do not kill whom I have made. I love all men, no matter what.  I make My sun to shine on the good and the bad. I love men and created men.  Why would I let you, or Satan, kill the ones I created and love.  Only I am the Creator! That is why murder is evil in My sight. It takes away the very precious gift of life and also prevents the last hope of salvation. That is also why abortion is murder.

My Son has said to you, “I demand from you deeds of mercy which are to arise out of love for Me.” I say to you, when you cannot perform works of mercy, simply love with all your heart. That will be your work of mercy. My message couldn’t be more clear. I am the most compassionate and loving of all fathers. I am the Father of Mercy and of Love. Those who truly love Me with their whole heart will be saved. It is I who will protect, guide, and nurture them.

To those of other Christian faiths, I say, “Pray the Rosary.” The Rosary is the meditation of My Son’s life, death, and resurrection. The time is coming when all will honor the holy Mother of God. All will know that she is conceived without sin and that she is blessed among all women.

(Chris asked God the Father about other Masses and “which ones are valid because some protestants have some kind of Mass too.” And He said to Chris,)

Not all Masses are valid to Me. You know the ones that I accept. To those of other religions, I say it is true that all religions are not the same or valid to Me, but all people are validated in My heart. The only thing that I want to say is, love, dear children, only love. Peace.


Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
April 13, 2007 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Michael the Archangel are here. St Raphael is on His left side, St Gabriel is by the throne, and St Michael is on the right side, and God the Father is seated on a big white throne. His body is that of a man’s body, white stone throne, white gown, and His face is just pure light! He says,)

My dear and beloved children of My earth,

Today, I come to call you to the devotion that is most pleasing to me, the devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. On this day, on this great and glorious day, I desire to accomplish My works and this devotion within all men through you.

But first, it is necessary that I request two things from this world and mankind to make this devotion work. Number one, I request the month of August to be devoted to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. On this day, I desire number two, that you pray the Consecration to My Fatherly Sacred Heart* every day in August. I desire this to be made known to the world so that one day, through My blessings and the many fruits that it will bear, that the Church itself will approve this devotion later on and make use of this month totally and completely devoted to my heart. Yes, it is also the month devoted to Me as the Most Merciful and Loving of All Fathers, but this month is also the month of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Let all men draw from it mercy, love, and compassion which I desire to give to humanity in order to save it, not only from it’s sins, but from evil, despair, and hopelessness.

I have given to you My Son. He has given to you His heart. He has also given to you His Most Holy Mother to be your mother, and she has given her Immaculate Heart to humanity. Now I, as the most loving, and most merciful of all fathers, give My heart to humanity in order to save it. By these three means shall all humanity receive graces. By these three hearts, humanity shall be saved.

My message is not only on My Fatherly Sacred Heart, it is also to call you to action. You have four devotions** at your disposal.

One, the Chaste Heart of St Joseph which is to be made on the first Wednesdays of five consecutive months (March through July).

Two, the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is to be made known on the first Fridays of nine consecutive months.

Then, there is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the devotion of the first Saturdays can be made in any five consecutive months.

And then there are eight first Mondays (April through November) devoted to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. I desire to call humanity to action by participation in these four “first of the month ” devotions.

You can avoid Purgatory all together by making these four “first of the month” devotions yours, devotion to these hearts. You see, in each instance, I call you to reparation, to sacrifices. I call you to reparation for your own sins and for those of the whole world. Therefore, you can make your Purgatory, or your penance so to speak, while on earth by making the four “first of the month” devotions your own.

Go, My little ones, to these devotions. If they do not exist within your parish, ask your priest, pray for them, beg that these devotions be given to the world. Through Confession and reparation of sins you will be absolutely free from all the effects of Purgatory. This is the promise of the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for did not your mother say to Sr. Lucia that she promises to assist at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for salvation. This is the promise for each devotion to these four hearts and the “first of the month” devotions.

I love you, my little ones. I call you to My heart. Be My children! Be My children! Be My children by consecrating yourself and your life to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Make the month of August the month devoted and dedicated to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.

Bless you, my little ones. (There’s His Fatherly Sacred Heart!!) with rays of love from My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Peace be with you, little ones, blessings in the name of the Father, which is Me, and of the Son who shall come later, the Holy Spirit who accompanies us, and the Blessed Mother who shall come later. Amen. Go in My divine peace, and remember, I shall return next year at this same place and time.

Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
April 13, 2008 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(It’s God the Father and He’s seated on a large white throne. It’s made of stone, something white. I can’t see His face, but I can see His white garment and His hands, and the white garment just keeps moving and flowing.  There are clouds around His throne, and He’s, oh my! I see the Archangels, St Michael on His right, St Gabriel on His left, and towards the bottom, St Raphael. St Michael is big and muscularly built. And St Gabriel is muscularly built but not too big. He has a white gown with a beautiful golden cross across his chest. And Raphael has a darker complexion, piercing eyes. God the Father says,)

My dear and beloved children of My earth,

I come to you today to announce how much I love you and how present I am to you in your daily lives. On this anniversary day, I have come to ask for the consecration of each soul to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.*

I desire every state in your United States to consecrate themselves to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. By means of this consecration, I shall protect it and preserve it for a future time when America again will shine in glory and splendor.

My little ones, I know you have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. They’re often seen coexisting with each other. You have heard of an era uniting the two hearts. I am speaking of an era that will unite these three hearts – the Fatherly Sacred Heart, the Sacred Heart of My Son, and the Immaculate Heart of your mother. By means of consecration, I shall open the depths of My love and mercy and pour out every single drop of My love upon your United States, and through the United States, the world.

Be careful, My little children, how you perceive Me for I am above all, I am your Father. You ask Me, “What is My Fatherly Sacred Heart?” I say to you, My Fatherly Sacred Heart is My Love and Mercy for each and every one of you. No one have I excluded. I gave you My love when My Son died on the Cross, and I continue to give you My Love and Mercy through the symbol of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Know when you receive the Eucharist, not only do you receive the Son but you receive Me, your Father, and you and I become one.

The key to opening My mercy and love is your sacrifice. Sacrifice yourself for Me as My Son has done for the world, and you will feel My love and mercy overflowing you and your world. Sacrifices are needed in order to save humanity, and I am offering you My merciful, loving heart through any and all sacrifices you make to Me. Consecrate yourselves so that I can pour out the very depths of My love and mercy. Peace, My little ones, and do not be caught off guard.

After I request the consecration of each state separately and individually (by a cardinal or bishop), there is a future point when I shall come to ask for the whole United States to be consecrated to My Fatherly Sacred Heart, and then the world. This time has not yet come, but I am asking that each state do this, consecrate themselves to My Fatherly Sacred Heart individually NOW. I intend to save America. With your help, prayers, and sacrifices, I will open the depth of My love.

[There was a long pause in which Chris said nothing, but days later he tried to describe what he saw at that time. He says he saw God the Father open His chest, take out His heart, turn it upside down and squeeze it. Water and the eight flames of His heart shot out and fell like rain over the whole world. Chris said the water was God the Father’s complete love and mercy, and the flames were a burning, consuming spirit that engulfed the world.]

Bless you, my little ones, in the name of the Father, Which I am, and of the Son, which is to come, and the Holy Spirit, whom I give through My Son. You do not comprehend the blessings I have given you this day. In time you will. (He’s showing His Sacred Heart! It’s golden and it’s with gold flames like in the painting!) My Fatherly Sacred Heart and its blessings upon you. Now go in peace.

April 13, 2010, through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

My dear and beloved people, My children of My earth,

I have come among you this last day, this last time publicly, to announce to you that your journey, your mission is coming to fruition. Today, on this day, I give the world My Fatherly Sacred Heart for all humanity to dwell in.

It is today that I come among My people in a very special way to announce that I desire this nation and all its states to be united and consecrated to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Today I ask the bishops of all the United States to consecrate their state to My Heart. If you do this, I promise victory over the evil one, and graces in abundance will be given to you. I love you, and I desire this to be done among My people, My bishops here in America.

I want this nation reclaimed “one nation under God.” And it will be done after Our Lady of America’s messages, and devotion, and wishes are completely fulfilled. I will act through her.

Then, after Our Lady of America’s wishes are fulfilled, I will once again be close to the hearts of My people in this land, and they will consecrate their states and this whole nation to My Sacred Heart, and then there will be true peace.

My Fatherly Sacred Heart is given to all of you, but you must realize that I am truly among you to call you back to My Fatherly mercy and love. Here is My heart! Take it! Touch Me! Touch My Heart! Let Me love you and live in you through the reception of Holy Communion, for every time you receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, you receive Me. Did not Jesus say, “He who receives Me, receives Him Who has sent Me” Which is the Father which I am. Let Me live in your hearts through this simple reception of the Eucharist.

Those who come to Me and consecrate their hearts to Mine are consecrated also to the Sacred Heart of My Son and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Today I give you My blessings, My little ones. My Sacred Heart is open to receive all of you.

(He’s blessing us with His Heart. There’s the light of the Cross,) in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Thank you for your response to My call. Go in My Fatherly peace and mercy.

Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
August 8, 2013 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

 (It’s God the Father! He is here! He says)

I am the Light. I am the Life, and I lead you to My Ways. Those who believe in Me have nothing to fear. Come, come, come, little children, unto Your Father. Today, let Me be merciful unto you. Today, let Me show unto you the fruit of My love and My mercy – My heart.

I give you special blessings and graces this day and I again ask for a renewal and a revival of devotion to Me and to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.* You ask, “Where is My heart? Where can I find Your heart, Oh Father?” I say, “Look and behold Me in My Son, in His heart. His heart leads to My heart. Behold Me in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar! Receive My Son’s words, “Those who receive Me receive the Father Who has sent Me.” Those who receive My Son receive Me. I gave you a portion of Me which will never die – your souls. That is why in Hell, and in Purgatory, and in Heaven you live forever. There are mysteries now and in the future that cannot be explained. Therefore you must have faith and come to believe. Those who believe, possess the Kingdom of Heaven inside them. Those who do not, I ask you to get down on your knees, search day and night until you hear My voice. Pray, pray until you receive the Holy Ghost. Don’t dare move until you receive Me! Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

I am the Living God! I am your life but most of all I am your Father. In the Blessed Sacrament when you receive Jesus, you receive Me. Part of Me lives in you. One day you will be united to Me forever. This you cannot comprehend and will not comprehend until the day you see Me face to face. I sorrow greatly over this world and I ask those dedicated to Me to give up their lives as a sacrifice for the conversion of sinners. Sacrifice your life. Pray a great deal. Fast for those who are greatly in sin that they may avoid Hell, because if you respond, I will respond for My mercy is so great, and through My Son I will save all.

I ask one thing also again today that the head of the churches of all Christianity bow down in obedience to Our Lady. She is the one who will unite the churches. All churches will come to know her maternal love. This is My Will, My request for I came unto her, “Behold” as the Angel Gabriel said, “The power of God shall overshadow you. Henceforth that which is conceived in Thee shall be called the Son of God.” I overshadowed her. She exists because of My power.

Because of My Will she is free to be the Mother of God. Therefore by the power of My overshadowing, she is the neck (which supports the head and can turn it in any direction.) of the Church. Although Jesus is the head always, she herself is the queen. She is part of our hearts in a mystical way, not physical. My example to give you is of a tree. I am the root and Our Lord Jesus is the branch and the tree, and Our Lady is the most wonderful blooming flower of the tree. Without the leaves, the tree is considered dead. That is what I want for all My churches – that Our Lady be present and blossom.

I give you My heart today. Please remember to be merciful to others as I am The King of Mercy, The Father of Mercy, Your Merciful Loving Father. (He’s taking His heart out and it’s all glowing. And He’s blessing the world through His Fatherly Sacred Heart. He says,) Those who consecrate themselves to Me are consecrated also to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

(There’s just beautiful rays hitting all the world. For the world He says,) Repent! Repent! Repent? Believe! Believe! Before I leave I ask for the renewal of the Blue Scapular. ** Please receive this devotion with great heart and love. Cherish it, for wherever the scapular is worn, I will be there to protect those who wear it. Ad Deum.

(There’s a beautiful light but then again, He’s all light. Oh, He’s so brilliant! The light is fading. I can hear Him say in a whisper, “I am the testimonial balance.” (The light is disappearing. The light is gone.


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