To be prayed every day in August

Our Father Who resides in Heaven, I approach Your throne and ask that You give to me the grace of abiding within Your Most Sacred Heart. I promise to love Thee and adore Thee with all my heart and soul. O Mighty Father, love me and let me love you so that I may also be one in Your Most Holy Will. You, O God, are my Creator and my Father of Mercy and Love, and it is in Thee that I do trust that Thy love becomes my own, and that Thy Will becomes my will, and that I may live to do Thy Will, not just in this world, but in the next. O Most Merciful and Loving Heart of the Father, I love and trust in Thee through Jesus Christ Your Son. Amen.”     (Jesus in Lesson II, April 23, 2001)


Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
April 13, 2007 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Michael the Archangel are here. St Raphael is on His left side, St Gabriel is by the throne, and St Michael is on the right side, and God the Father is seated on a big white throne. His body is that of a man’s body, white stone throne, white gown, and His face is just pure light! He says,)

My dear and beloved children of My earth,

Today, I come to call you to the devotion that is most pleasing to me, the devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. On this day, on this great and glorious day, I desire to accomplish My works and this devotion within all men through you.

But first, it is necessary that I request two things from this world and mankind to make this devotion work. Number one, I request the month of August to be devoted to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. On this day, I desire number two, that you pray the Consecration to My Fatherly Sacred Heart* every day in August. I desire this to be made known to the world so that one day, through My blessings and the many fruits that it will bear, that the Church itself will approve this devotion later on and make use of this month totally and completely devoted to my heart. Yes, it is also the month devoted to Me as the Most Merciful and Loving of All Fathers, but this month is also the month of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Let all men draw from it mercy, love, and compassion which I desire to give to humanity in order to save it, not only from it’s sins, but from evil, despair, and hopelessness

I love you, my little ones. I call you to My heart. Be My children! Be My children! Be My children by consecrating yourself and your life to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Make the month of August the month devoted and dedicated to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.

Bless you, my little ones. (There’s His Fatherly Sacred Heart!!) with rays of love from My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Peace be with you, little ones, blessings in the name of the Father, which is Me, and of the Son who shall come later, the Holy Spirit who accompanies us, and the Blessed Mother who shall come later. Amen. Go in My divine peace, and remember, I shall return next year at this same place and time.


Message from GOD THE FATHER To The World
April 13, 2008 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

(It’s God the Father and He’s seated on a large white throne. It’s made of stone, something white. I can’t see His face, but I can see His white garment and His hands, and the white garment just keeps moving and flowing.  There are clouds around His throne, and He’s, oh my! I see the Archangels, St Michael on His right, St Gabriel on His left, and towards the bottom, St Raphael. St Michael is big and muscularly built. And St Gabriel is muscularly built but not too big. He has a white gown with a beautiful golden cross across his chest. And Raphael has a darker complexion, piercing eyes. God the Father says,)

My dear and beloved children of My earth,

I come to you today to announce how much I love you and how present I am to you in your daily lives. On this anniversary day, I have come to ask for the consecration of each soul to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.*

I desire every state in your United States to consecrate themselves to My Fatherly Sacred Heart. By means of this consecration, I shall protect it and preserve it for a future time when America again will shine in glory and splendor.

My little ones, I know you have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. They’re often seen coexisting with each other. You have heard of an era uniting the two hearts. I am speaking of an era that will unite these three hearts – the Fatherly Sacred Heart, the Sacred Heart of My Son, and the Immaculate Heart of your mother. By means of consecration, I shall open the depths of My love and mercy and pour out every single drop of My love upon your United States, and through the United States, the world.

Be careful, My little children, how you perceive Me for I am above all, I am your Father. You ask Me, “What is My Fatherly Sacred Heart?” I say to you, My Fatherly Sacred Heart is My Love and Mercy for each and every one of you. No one have I excluded. I gave you My love when My Son died on the Cross, and I continue to give you My Love and Mercy through the symbol of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Know when you receive the Eucharist, not only do you receive the Son but you receive Me, your Father, and you and I become one.

The key to opening My mercy and love is your sacrifice. Sacrifice yourself for Me as My Son has done for the world, and you will feel My love and mercy overflowing you and your world. Sacrifices are needed in order to save humanity, and I am offering you My merciful, loving heart through any and all sacrifices you make to Me. Consecrate yourselves so that I can pour out the very depths of My love and mercy. Peace, My little ones, and do not be caught off guard.

After I request the consecration of each state separately and individually (by a cardinal or bishop), there is a future point when I shall come to ask for the whole United States to be consecrated to My Fatherly Sacred Heart, and then the world. This time has not yet come, but I am asking that each state do this, consecrate themselves to My Fatherly Sacred Heart individually NOW. I intend to save America. With your help, prayers, and sacrifices, I will open the depth of My love.

[There was a long pause in which Chris said nothing, but days later he tried to describe what he saw at that time. He says he saw God the Father open His chest, take out His heart, turn it upside down and squeeze it. Water and the eight flames of His heart shot out and fell like rain over the whole world. Chris said the water was God the Father’s complete love and mercy, and the flames were a burning, consuming spirit that engulfed the world.]

Bless you, my little ones, in the name of the Father, Which I am, and of the Son, which is to come, and the Holy Spirit, whom I give through My Son. You do not comprehend the blessings I have given you this day. In time you will. (He’s showing His Sacred Heart! It’s golden and it’s with gold flames like in the painting!) My Fatherly Sacred Heart and its blessings upon you. Now go in peace.