Excerpts from the book “Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul”

The Divine Paternal Heart of God

July 20, 2000
Dearest sweetest Father,

The illness lingers. Today, though, I would like to ask You about a representation for Your divine paternal heart. I want to make certain that what I am seeing is what You want. If it is Your will, please show me again what You would like. I love You so much, my good and tender Father.

Also, Father, I seem to keep seeing that image of some sort of intersection or juncture…I don’t know how to express this. But please let me try. I see that the physical world or universe is a physical dimension, manifestation, or outlet of the spiritual, unseen world. It is like the image of a balloon—God (the air) in Christ (the balloon material). But it is not just the difference of the air and balloon material. It is the way that the air expresses itself in the balloon material (the form, the shape). I don’t quite understand this, but I think that maybe living things—especially humans—are a special expression of the spiritual… . God—You. It is like the spiritual, the soul, pushing itself, erupting into the physical world. I don’t know why I keep seeing this, but I do. Please help me understand if this is Your will.

I also continue to be drawn to reading about the holocaust and Jerusalem, the Holy City. This is occurring at the same time that the Middle East peace talks are taking place and it is helping me to understand the background of what is going on. All these things which I have been recently struck by—the holocaust, abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, and how I see the image of Your divine paternal heart all seem to be connected somehow. Father, tell me what You wish for Your heart? I love You and I am listening.

[I am with our Father on an empty white marble portico overlooking the ocean. The breeze is blowing and gently ruffling through thin white curtains hanging around the perimeter. There is a glass-top table, round and small, at the end of this portico. The sun is low in the sky. I rest my face on the cool, frosted, dimpled glass table top. I feel warm and it is cool. Our Father and I walk inside the attached marble building. It is comparatively dark inside, but warmly lit. I have the sense that it is like a museum or repository of valuable things.

Now I clearly see on a deep scarlet velvet cloth a gold heart that has hinges on the left side, and it opens. The heart is fully dimensional, rounded, and it opens wide. Inside is a baby. The baby is connected to the heart by a clear cord. The cord leads up to the scarlet lettering attached to or written on the upper part of the inside heart. It says, “ABBA.” It reminds me of a placenta with an umbilical cord. Then I see that it has a lock on the right side. Our Father hands me the key. It is a silver skeleton key. And our Father hands me the key, and then closes the heart, which is a beautiful gold on a background of scarlet velvet. I touch the key to my lips to kiss it and it changes into a rough primitive wood cross. And I wonder how a wooden cross can fit into a golden heart to unlock it. But I am shown that it does—the long beam is held in the hand and the cross beams are inserted into the lock to open it.  

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July 22, 2000
Dearest sweetest Papa,

Today is a good day. All seems right with the world. I’ve gotten all my work done and my house is quiet, there are no distractions, and I’m starting to recover from my illness. Thank You for this peace and quiet. I have been seeing the image of Your divine paternal heart and I’m sensing that when it closed there is a special thin band that goes across the front, almost like something is supposed to be engraved there. I can’t see it clearly yet. Father, I choose You on this day. I love You so much. You are so kind and merciful. What can I do for You, Papa? Show me what to do. I am listening.

I see the image of Your Heart and I realize that the outside is as important as the inside. Then our Father communicates urgency and I am at the Cross and I hear the word, “hammer.” And I see Jesus and He is lying down as the nails are being pounded into his hands. He is suffering terribly and He is saying, “Barbara Rose, the name on the outside of our Father’s Heart.” He is very real, very human, and in much pain. And I get that peculiar sensation in my palms again. And then I know that I am not allowing the nails to go into my own hands. They go into Jesus’ instead. And I understand that I need to take responsibility for my sins and allow the consequences or nails to be pounded into my own hands to cooperate in my own salvation.

Listen, daughter,
You weep because you cannot see or hear Me as a human. But nonetheless must listen and believe. Is there no release from your sufferings? Was there for Him? How can you leave us? Not in this life, little one, but the next. Do not look for Heaven in this life—Paradise awaits you. You force the process. You bulk and resist. But you must allow Me to perfect you for life eternal. Would you not be prepared?

All this I did for you—each one of My children. By this Cross you can come home. You must follow My Son Jesus on the journey—through this suffering. No regrets, daughter of My Heart. Love Him and you love Me. Love all those I put in your life and you love Us, your God. See this face and remember—this was for you—you are loved. (I see Jesus nailed to the Cross) Shalom.

1 Para 1 & 2—Genealogy from Adam to David
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July 31, 2000
Dearest sweetest Father,

I pray for …

Please be with me and guide me in all I do. I am listening.

[I am taken to my Father and He is sitting up high and He points for me to look. And it’s as if I’m looking into clouds and He tells me to see. Slowly, I can see a clear image and realize I am up high, looking down on an area that seems familiar—it is a line of trees and an open field. So many times I have seen open fields. And then I realize I am looking down from a cross and then I see the planets. And it strikes me that this is like seeing the brain cells of God. And I realize how insignificant we are in the scheme of things. Then I see myself as a baby and I see my parents. I am shown how tiny I am and how little I understand in comparison to them. And then I see our Father holding a baby bundled up in a blanket and He holds the baby up for me to see and it is beautiful and pure. And I understand that we are now not what we will be. However, I was troubled because it was easy to see God in the pure, innocent baby—but I knew that when the baby grew up it wouldn’t be so pure and innocent. And I felt sad. And then our Father said, “Find Me.” And I said, “I see you in the baby, but not in adults.” And He said again, “Find Me.” And I said, “where?” And He said, “That is the challenge, Barbara Rose. That is the challenge.” And I saw adults who I knew that were not particularly nice people, and I knew in that instant that even in them I could find the image of our Father and God. And this insight is none other than the Father seeing the Son and the Son seeing the Father in each of us—because God is present in us. And when we realize this, we can truly “love” each other. But our Father said, “This is the challenge!” This is God with us and in us. He is here! I also saw our Father’s heart and across the front (not inside) I saw some sort of engraved border into which something was to be written but was missing, and then I saw that our names are written there. This was what I couldn’t see before.]

St John 13:11—“For he knew who he was that would betray him; therefore he said: You are not all clean.”

[We are innocent and clean of heart as babies. As we grow, some of us become dirtier than others. The sun cannot shine through dirt—the light of God. God is still in the hearts of these people, but we can’t see him. When we are in God’s will, repentant, cleansed of sin, dirt, etc., the light of God can shine through us. I now see the image of our Father’s heart and the baby inside is transparent, as is the attaching cord. Before I saw a red substance flow from the red lettering of “Abba” to the tiny baby heart. Now “Abba” is in deep gold. This gold flows down the transparent cord into the tiny baby heart which is now also gold.

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The Scapular of God Our Father – The Offering Cloth

July 9, 1999

I have recently understood that the offering cloth is like the sail on the ship that will bring us home. The sail is like our soul. It must be pure and white, ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can be carried on the waves home to our Father.

Father gives her the “symbol”, (Offering Cloth), Which she takes with her open hand—signifies – Their union &  She sees that as we are purified, the Ark of Covenant is inside man. This prepares us for God. Father says, “…never lose me & I will never lose you.”

December 4, 1996

… I prayed the Rosary (Joyful Mysteries). And when I was praying the third decade, I experienced, inside me, my maternal grandmother hanging up laundry in a bright, clear light and it was so beautiful. And she said she was sorry I had to suffer with my condition, and then she said God had heard my prayers. And then I realized that THE SHEET WAS MY SOUL and it had been purified clean. And she asked if I loved God and I said yes”. And I cried and cried because I believed what I was experiencing was really real, and it was so overwhelming. And then I saw my father’s mother and I cried because she, too, loved me so much and had been suffering with me. And I cried because I’m not used to feeling so unconditionally loved by human beings. And it eased my burden that they cared so much. And then a voice said “You will see everything differently now.” …

I was asked by my father’s mother if I loved God and I said “Yes.” And then Mary, our Mother, came out from behind a sheet. (It’s like the three ladies were “tending” the sheets hanging in the bright sunlight.) And I loved my mother, Mary, so much and she confirmed that God had answered my prayer and she, too, asked if I really loved Him and I said “Yes.” She said this was a special day.

He (the Father) asked me to put out my hand, and I thought He would put the “symbol” in it which He spoke of yesterday. He said I was now truly His because I had given myself to Him. Now I had done this before, and I didn’t understand why this was different. The only thing I can think of is that I did it following the Rosary and my sheet [soul] was finally clean. He asked me never to lose Him as He would never lose me.

And then I realized that “the symbol” was the sheet. A little white linen to be blessed and held in our hand symbolically to God to offer ourselves to Him and remind us of the need to be purified. The sheet symbolizes our purified souls given in offering to the Father (an “Offering Cloth”). He asked me to put out my opened hand which symbolized opening myself to Him and He put His Hand in mine. We were joined. His Hand was in mine; He was embraced by me; He was in me. This symbolizes the offering of our souls to Him. When we do this, He will purify our souls and come and dwell in us—personally. The medal shows His Love for us—a roadmap back home to Him, and the Offering Cloth shows our love for Him—the total offering of ourselves.

I also understand that the Holy Spirit now dwelt in me and where God is, evil cannot be. And I saw the Ark of the Covenant inside Man. God dwells in us through the Holy Spirit. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and our Father are “other” than us, but in us. I believe we are to distribute blessed linens (white scapulars) that people can hold in their hand and offer to God—something concrete that they can see. This will help them to understand that we all must be purified—not to punish us, but to prepare us for God. And that our loved ones that go before us, tend to us, pray for us until we are clean and back home with our Father. …

The Father: I have answered your prayer for My greater glory—and out of love for you. Go and spread My message—encourage dialogue among My children.

[This happened on the former feast day of St Barbara.]

Lord God, My Father, what do You want, if anything, on the Offering Cloth?

Nothing. They are to be clean and white. They may be laundered. They are to be blessed and can be worn close to the body except during the daily offering when it should be held in their open hand.


The Offering Cloth should be worn next to the heart, as a scapular, and held in the hand during prayer of offering to Me. It should be kept white and clean as a symbol—a visual aid of what the soul should be. These should be blessed—especially at the Solemn Consecration.


The Medal

October 30, 1996

I want a MEDAL STRUCK which will be given to each individual who consecrates himself to Me. These medals must be blessed. THEY WILL BESTOW MANY BLESSINGS—THROUGH ME. MANY MIRACLES WILL COME ABOUT THROUGH THIS CONSECRATION AND MEDAL. Cleansing and dedication—the churches and the people. Regathering of My children, child

The medal is My gift to you

My Son’s Cross is emblazoned on it. It is the central feature of this medal as it connects heaven and earth and the Father with His children

The candles on the Cross do not defame My Son’s Crucifixion. They “illumi­nate” the Cross for My children. It is the light of hope; the light that leads My children home to Me, their Father. They are the EIGHT LIGHTS of My Holy Octave, prefigured in the Menorah.

[The Menorah has been considered by some as portraying the “Tree of Life.” This is due to its arboreal shape and its bowls molded like almond flowers. It has also been understood as a mystic symbol of light and life – the symbol of God manifest in the world, through whom the Jews hoped for immortality. Temple Menorah’s have seven lights; Hanukkah Menorah’s (used for the Maccabee’s re-dedication of the Temple) have eight lights [1 Mc 4:37-39]. When the perpetual light of the Temple was to be relighted on the occasion of this rededication, it was found that there was oil enough for only one day; miraculously, however, the oil sustained the light for eight days. The Maccabee’s were the first Jews who fought to defend their religious beliefs rather than their lives.]

Take this symbol and bestow it on all those who seek their Father. This will mark them as Mine. Embracing this symbol will show My children’s love for Me. THE MEDAL SHOWS MY LOVE FOR MY CHILDREN.


The Holy Octave of Consecration Chaplet

February 2, 1997

Our Lady is holding the Chaplet.

The Father … says: “This is the means back to Me. These are the EIGHT STEPS INWARD, to the indwelling presence of My Holy Spirit.”

February 11, 1997 

[He (The Father) shows me the Tree of Life and says that “The Harp” has more meaning than I know. It is also a BOW! And it is made from the wood of the Tree of Life.

There is power in the Octave of Consecration which sends an arrow straight to His Heart and combats the evil around us.

Only after all EIGHT strings are plucked can the bow be drawn back and the arrow flies—straight to His Heart.]

May 17, 1999

… I see the Chaplet and we climb the chain links to our Father, one to the other, passing the holy beads, until we reach our Father in total consecration.

April 11, 2001

Peace, my child. Now do you see?” What exactly, Father?

It is the gold robe of divinity sprinkled with the saving blood of My Son and your God, Jesus. This mantle, which I have given to you, is for the good of all mankind. With this mantle placed around them, you will be transformed into the children of My own divine paternal heart. I ask you to see Me, clearly, truly, as the good Father I AM. I am not an abstraction, a mere shadow that is detached and uninvolved.

NO, I AM FATHER! Of this, let there be no mistake. I AM a good and gentle Father Who gives all good things to His children. Are you impressed, little one?

(Barbara replies) I’m not sure what you mean by impressed, Father.

(Father responds) Impressed, marked with this goodness. Made in My image, yes? But inhabited by Me? Only then are you Mine. An image is an empty copy without the life giving force of the Father’s presence in each child. Why do I give you this mantle of peace? So that you know that you are Mine.

B replies) [And then I (Barbara) see that the mantle our Father refers to is the (Consecration) Chaplet …

Say your Mother’s Rosary and My [Chaplet] every single day. This will give you protection.

You must prepare yourselves for Me to come. You must purify and dedicate your Temples.

Say the Chaplet. This is strong and will bring My Mercy and Tenderness—it brings Me! Consecrate your family to “The” Family. Immerse yourselves in My Tender Love and Infinite Mercy. Draw down My Will.

The (God the Father) Chaplet, I believe, is very powerful (towards this end)!

The children must find Me. They must call Me down to earth. They must ask. And I will come. “Rapture” is when My little ones are contained and consumed in My Love so nothing can harm them. In this way, they will be saved. THIS IS THE ARK OF THESE NEW TIMES.

Pray the Chaplet so that your Father may be known, loved, served, and honored as He deserves.

…say Your daily prayers—your conversations with Me and also the Chaplet. Why? Because this intensifies the bond between Myself and My children. Through this Chaplet I can be with My children in a new way, a more intimate way.

…come to Me as little children and I will meet you and sweep you into My Loving and Paternal Arms. Always I am here. Waiting. Always waiting. AND THE TIME IS HERE. THE ERA OF THE RETURN OF MY CHILDREN. No more, no less …

Pray the Rosary and Chaplet. Offer to Me your pain and suffering. Offer Me the pain and suffering of the world. Offer all to Me. Offer it to Me to be transformed. Ask and your prayers will be answered. Bid Me come, and I will come—followed by My Son and the Power of My Holy Spirit—to renew the face of the earth. To begin again as in the old ways, I will be present again. And My Presence will remain for all times, in all places. I will be present with and in My children, as I have willed from the beginning of all time.

Keep your Rosary and Chaplet with you at all times; pray to Me, your Father, for your release—release from the vice which is this culture. Pray that My children are released so that they may return. Your Mother is leading you along with My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Stay close to Them and follow with complete faith and trust. For they lead My children home—to Me! Now go in Peace, little one.

Night approaches and your Mother gathers you in. … Let no influences deter you from this work which is Mine. THIS WORK MUST REMAIN SINGULAR IN ITS EFFECT. One God, one goal—the Heart of the Father. … IN THESE TIMES, WORK THROUGH MY CHURCH, OF WHICH I AM THE AUTHOR. AND I WILL SURELY COME TO MY CHILDREN, ISRAEL. Demonstrate your love for Me by praying My Chaplet. Have faith in the power that I send with this devotion closest to My Own Heart. Focus on this only for My Work to be realized—the Chaplet, the Consecration, and the Feast Day. These are the means by which My children will at last return to their Father—through the gracious hands of your Blessed Mother Mary, My Son Jesus, and My Holy Spirit. They are the means. …THE CONSECRATION AND FEAST DAY ARE THE STAIRWAY HOME. And on these stairs My children approach Me—and in most powerful way, I will come to My Children… Come to Me through your Blessed Mother Mary, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit by means of My Consecration and Feast Day. This is My Time to be ushered in soon with the Triumph of your Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Shalom …

Pray this Chaplet to welcome Me into their hearts. There I wish to repose in these days. I will be present to those who consecrate themselves to Me in a special way. I open My arms to these children.

Come to Me by means of the bridge—the Chaplet and Feast Day. These, my little ones, will unite our hearts—the home of My children, all.

Each is precious in My eyes. Each is wanted. Each is destined to be reunited with his Father. This is My strongest desire. I AM a Father first. I AM the Father!

Respond in love and trust and all else will be provided. Look to the days ahead with astonishment and belief. For you have accepted the invitation. What joy this brings Me. Be at peace and know that I AM your Father Who loves you—the One Who gives you life, life eternal with Me.

Teach them to pray the Chaplet of the Holy Octave of Conse­cration to Me, their heavenly Father. Each step brings them closer to Me [the marble steps]—each step with its history in time. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. With their knees on the step of Consecration, they lay before My throne—prostrate then before their Father. And it is at My feet that they will learn how to live in this world and the next.

I recommend the daily Chaplet to you all. For with it comes My peace, evermore.


November 27, 1997

See what I show you, My rose. It is a slender green palm. And see your hand move to pick it. Through the symbol of the palm, My children will understand that the Triumph is IMMINENT. It is at hand. The palm is yet supple and tender—young and new. This palm is to be picked now and brought before Me on My Feast Day.

Bring a palm branch before the Lord. Praise your God. Love your Father. PLEDGE YOUR SOULS TO ME BEFORE THE ALTAR OF MY SON ON MY FEAST DAY. Palm branches in the hands of those that welcome their God, their Father on His triumphal entry. By presenting a palm branch to Me you give yourselves to Me—forever.

And bring to Me a palm branch as tribute and a pledge—that you are Mine.



October 30, 1996

Your GIFT to me is the CONSECRATION. This is to be a yearly feast as was outlined … I want you to continue looking in Scripture for appropriate themes. THESE MUST BE DETAILED AND DEVELOPED INTO AN 8-DAY FEAST. THIS FEAST AND CONSECRATION WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE FIRST SUNDAY OF AUGUST … The Liturgy must be published for individuals and parishes, with a copy sent to the Holy Father.

The CONSECRATOIN, therefore, should be designed for Church and private use with daily renewal. I want My children to know Me, personally, and to walk with Me. The yearly FEAST DAY will bring attention to what I desire: TO BE KNOWN, LOVED, AND HONORED.


March 3, 1997


USE WHATEVER MEANS … AVAILABLE TO SPREAD THE TRUTH OF MY CON­SECRATION FEAST DAY. IN THIS WAY, MANY OF MY CHILDREN WILL BE BROUGHT HOME TO ME, THEIR FATHER. This is much greater than you could imagine. This weds Heaven to Earth through My children who serve as living temples of the Holy Trinity.


May 15, 1997

Barbara, Take the pen and write. Tell My children that they must come home to Me in these times. It is crucial. Above all, they must see Me as their Father. Remember, that all must go as planned. This means that I must be honored as their One, True Father—above all things and that they are My children.


Yes, daughter, this is how the book should appear. … THIS OCTAVE IS TO BE CELEBRATED AS ONE WHOLE—NOT TO BE BROKEN OR SEPARATED. My children must return to Me so that I may dwell in them and them in Me.

They are then home.

I can dwell in them as living tabernacles.

They must choose to return home.

They must give their “Yes.”

They must know, love, serve, and honor Me through this Octave.

They must ask for My Mercy for ALL—past, present, and future.

They must consecrate themselves to Me.

Mary, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will then have completed Their job—

My children are restored to Me.

Always refer to be SOLEMN FEAST DAY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE OCTAVE—THE FEAST OF THE FATHER OF ALL MANKIND, The Eighth Solemn Day of the Holy Octave of Consecration to God Our Father. … There is to be NO SEPARA­TION OF THE TWO BECAUSE THE PRACTICAL PURPOSE OF THE FEAST IS FOR MY CHILDREN TO CONSECRATE THEMSELVES TO ME through the process that has been laid out in the Holy Octave process.


I have given the final means for My children to return to Me through the Hands of their Mother, their Savior, and their Sanctifier. Of this, let there be no mis­take. THIS IS THE FINAL STEP TOWARDS A NEW ERA, A NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR FATHER AND GOD. This cannot be diminished or trivialized in any way. Let it stand: ONE OCTAVE WITH A SOLEMN DAY OF TOTAL CON­SECRATION TO THEIR FATHER through the Hands of their Mother, Savior, and Sanctifier.

IN THIS WAY, MY CHURCH WILL BE RESTORED, AND SO MY CHILDREN. … of this, I PROMISE. I will come—in a new and glorious way. I will live with My children once again, as it was meant to be from the beginning: “


June 30, 1997

will be with you because it is what My Heart most strongly desires. THE CULMINA­TION OF THIS FEAST DAY WILL RESULT IN YOUR MOST BLESSED MOTHER’S TRIUMPH.


November 13, 1997 

The CONSECRATION AND FEAST DAY are the BEACON and the MEANS by which My children may approach Me and by which I will come to My children. “THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.” Your Mother has prepared for this long and many years. Now is the time. Rest in this knowledge.


December 8, 1997



If My children approach Me with true hearts, and love of their Father, I shall surely come. They will enter into Me and I into them. Heaven and earth will touch in a most powerful way. But most importantly I will be home with My children and they will be home in Me.

Night approaches and your Mother gathers you in. … Let no influences deter you from this work which is Mine. THIS WORK MUST REMAIN SINGULAR IN ITS EFFECT. One God, one goal—the Heart of the Father. … IN THESE TIMES, WORK THROUGH MY CHURCH, OF WHICH I AM THE AUTHOR. AND I WILL SURELY COME TO MY CHILDREN, ISRAEL. Demonstrate your love for Me by praying My Chaplet. Have faith in the power that I send with this devotion closest to My Own Heart. Focus on this only for My Work to be realized—the Chaplet, the Consecration, and the Feast Day. These are the means by which My children will at last return to their Father—through the gracious hands of your Blessed Mother Mary, My Son Jesus, and My Holy Spirit. They are the means. …THE CONSECRATION AND FEAST DAY ARE THE STAIRWAY HOME. And on these stairs My children approach Me—and in most powerful way, I will come to My Children. … Come to Me through your Blessed Mother Mary, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit by means of My Consecration and Feast Day. This is My Time to be ushered in soon with the Triumph of your Mother’s Immaculate Heart.


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