Barbara Rose Centilli, was 44 years of age when she began to record what she believed to be the voice of the Eternal Father speaking to her in prayer. Prior to this, her life was quite ordinary. Except for a few special experiences she believed to be of God, her life as a mother, grandmother, teacher and wife were typical of the average American woman of her generation.

Barbara Centilli grew up in a small town in Michigan and eventually settled after marriage in a Midwestern state. After graduating from college, she attended graduate school and worked as a teacher from the late 1970’s through the early 1990’s. During this period she raised four children and became involved with research and educational projects for students with special needs.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, Barbara began to record in the form of a dialogue her prayerful conversations with God the Father, to whom she had developed a special devotion over her lifetime. These journals were eventually destroyed on the recommendation of a spiritual advisor who told her God does not speak to people in this manner.

However, in 1996, Barbara again began to record her conversations with the Father. By this time, she noticed God’s responses to her in prayer were becoming very clear and distinct within her. She could hear His voice “in her heart and mind” and began to experience visions that sometimes accompanied the Father’s words. Furthermore, as she reconciled and confronted what was happening to her, she became certain her experiences were not self-induced or imaginative but rather something she had no control over within herself.

It would not be possible to fully address the extraordinary contents of the revelations in this book. They cover a range of topics and are rich in detail concerning Barbara’s interior life with God. Most of her reflections, resolutions and meditations are left intact, although some of what the Father granted to her for her personal spiritual edification has been edited out. This deleted material will eventually be published, as the Father has requested, in order to show, “All My children what is possible with the Lord their God.”

However, the essence of Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul is unmistakable. The Father of All Mankind is requesting that through His Church all mankind be returned to Him. His home, He says, is all creation and His children must begin to come home to Him at this time. They must abandon any fear of Him and must know that He is all love, and all mercy.

The Father also tells Barbara that the end of an era is about to dawn upon the world and that these are truly prophetic times. Most significantly, the long awaited triumph of the Church is about to be fulfilled. This is the “Triumph ” Mary promised at Fatima in 1917, and according to the Father’s words to Barbara, will only be completely fulfilled in accordance with His will by His children returning to Him through two means: “personal consecration to God the Father ” and by the Catholic Church proclaiming a “Feast Day” in His name.

While these requests appear to be separate issues, God the Father has outlined to Barbara a single process in which His children are to return to Him and at the same time honor Him with His feast day. Based entirely upon Scripture, the Eternal Father revealed to Barbara His desire for a special consecration to Him, known as The Holy Octave of Consecration to God Our Father and Feast Day of the Father of All Mankind. This consecration is based upon the traditions of God’s people rendering Him honor and gratitude through eight-day feasts as recorded in both the Old and New Testaments.

Like in the days of old, the Holy Octave of Consecration to God Our Father is an eight-day consecration to be celebrated as a whole, culminating with a special feast day in the Church to honor the Father of All Mankind. The actual consecration involves a series of daily prayers, including meditations, a litany and the praying of a chaplet, all directed to God the Father.

It must be especially noted that the Father emphasizes to Barbara that there is to be no separation of the two – the Consecration and its Feast day. This is because, He says, the “practical purpose of the feast (day) is for My children to consecrate themselves to Me.” The Father further states: “The feast does not exist for the purpose of providing Me with a feast day on the Church calender. It is what the feast accomplishes — the return of My children to their Father! This cannot be accomplished with limited and temporary honor given Me at one Mass on one Sunday a year. No, this is much greater than one act. … this is the Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul Our Father in Heaven final step towards the new era, a new relationship with their Father and God.”

While much more could be noted, one final point is emphasized. Through the Holy Octave of Consecration and Feast Day, the Father declares to Barbara that this is the fulfillment of what was meant from the beginning. This, He states to her, is the meaning of the profound words in the Lord’s prayer, “Thy will be done … Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Suffice to say, only after one reads this book can all its divine meaning, all its rich spiritual quality be understood. Men and women cannot be satisfied or content with anything except something greater than themselves – that something is our eternal God, revealed by the word of scripture, by the Catholic Church, and so often over the centuries by His chosen ones. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul adds one more jewel to the crown of truth surrounding our creation and our Creator. Let us savor it and thank God once again for being so perfect in His awareness of our needs.

Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko
November 1, 2008