Messages on The Sixth Chamber


The revelation of a Sixth Chamber, The Heart of God The Father, The Highest Heaven – began in April of 2003


April 1, 2003
At Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

“Thank you, Jesus, for letting me come here today.”

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My daughter, when you long to be here with the burning love that rises up in your heart, it is itself worth more to Me than the ones who come but carry the problems of the world in with them. I seek singularity of heart.”

I have come to explain to you the Sixth Chamber. It is the Heart of the Eternal Father. It embraces all the other Chambers of Our United Hearts. In this Chamber is God’s promise–a new covenant of love. The souls that pass into this Sixth Chamber have reached the highest Heaven. In this life it is reserved for those who have already reached sanctity. In eternal life the saints and martyrs of love who reached the Fifth Chamber move into the highest Heaven.”

“Since My Father’s Heart embraces all the Chambers of Our United Hearts, realize He calls each soul to be immersed in this highest Heaven. For to him who has faith, all things are possible.”

April 2, 2003

“I have come to help you understand this Sixth Chamber of Our United Hearts. When you try to comprehend what I tell you on your own, you get into trouble. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

The Sixth Chamber – the Will of My Father – clothes all the other Chambers, and yet to reach it you must pass through all the other Chambersfor the Sixth Chamber is the highest Heaven. So, how can you pass through it but not be contained in it? In order to get into the First Chamber which is Holy Love, the soul must, to some degree, pass into My Father’s Will – for Holy Love is the Divine Will as is every Chamber.”

“At the beginning, the Will of My Father acts as a sieve – filtering out iniquity and self-will, and helping the soul to hang onto the Will of God. With each successive Chamber more of the soul’s own will slips through the ‘sieve’, and more of the Divine Will fills the soul. The souls that do reach the Sixth Chamber – the highest Heaven – either, in this life or the next – are consumed with the Divine Will and no longer exist alone – only in God.”

“You ask Me to explain the concept – the highest Heaven. I cannot explain it in human terms. It is not a concept or a place. It is more of an experience. Certain ones may come close to this experience, but most never reach it.”

April 2, 2003

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am Margaret (Mary Alacoque). I have come to explain the Sixth Chamber as easily as I can.”

“The Sixth Chamber is the embrace of the Heart of God which is the Divine Will. The soul feels the embrace of the Father’s Heart increase as his soul is drawn deeper into the Chambers of the United Hearts. This being so, please see that as the soul is drawn into the First Chamber, he feels the Father’s embrace begin. Each subsequent Chamber allows the soul to feel the Father’s embrace increase. The Eternal Father tries to draw each soul into the highest Heaven.”

April 2, 2003

St Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Understand that God’s Divine Will is at work even outside of the First Chamber. For it is His Will that draws the soul into purgation – the Chamber of Holy Love. Moreover, the Divine Will never changes; it is always pulling the soul into the Sixth Chamber which is the Highest Heaven. It is the soul’s response to the Divine Will of God which changes from one Chamber to the next – always deepening and perfecting until it is conformed, and then, hopefully, united to the Will of God.”

April 3, 2003

St Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus. Praised be His Eucharistic Heart.”

“I have come to help you understand more fully this latest Revelation. The Heart of the Father is One with His Divine Will. The Divine Will is One with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Therefore, the Heart of the Eternal Father embraces all Five Chambers of the United Hearts. Furthermore, you must see that Holy and Divine Love, as well as Divine Mercy, are the Will of the Father.”

“But the Will of God reaches out to those souls outside of the First Chamber–the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus said in scripture: ‘No one can come to Me unless the Father draws them’.”

“To take the understanding still farther, the Holy Spirit is also One with the Heart of God and His Divine Will. Therefore, the Holy Spirit engulfs every Chamber of the United Hearts. He gives His gifts according to the Will of God.”

“The Sixth Chamber, then, is attainable to few on earth in its entirety, as it is immersion–not just union in the Will of God. However, because the Will of God cradles all the other Chambers and even pulls the soul into the First Chamber, we can say that the essence of the Sixth Chamber–the Divine Will–is ever present. The Father’s goal is to draw all souls into the highest Heaven.”

He winks and leaves, saying: “Make it known.”

April 4, 2003

I saw a beam of Light with angels alongside of it. Jesus stepped out of the Light. He said:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“This Light is the Heart of My Father in Heaven – His Divine Will. It reaches down to earth from the highest Heaven and shines through every Chamber of Our United Hearts.”

“It is only through this Light the United Hearts and the Chambers herein exist. At its source – the Heart of the Eternal Father – lies the Sixth Chamber. The power of this Chamber diffuses through all the other Chambers. Then it reaches beyond into the world, drawing sinners into Holy Love – the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.”

“The Light of the Sixth Chamber will bring into harmony man’s free will with the Divine at the coming Triumph of Our United Hearts.”

September 25, 2004

St Thomas Aquinas is here. He says:

 “Praise be to Jesus.”

 “The Lord has sent me to express these words to you.”

“Every Chamber of the United Hearts is clothed in the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. The deeper the soul is immersed in the Chambers of these Hearts, the more he is aware of the Father’s Will for him. When the soul reaches the Fifth Chamber–Unity with the Divine Will–he becomes the Divine Will himself. This union makes the soul one with the Father’s Will. Passing into the Heart of God the Father–the Sixth Chamber–is the enthronement of the Father’s Heart within the human heart.”

“The deeper the soul journeys into the Chambers of the United Hearts, the more difficult it is for him to slip backwards through sin or human fault. The souls who reach the Sixth Chamber rarely leave. But then, few there are who reach the Sixth Chamber.”

January 28, 2005
Feast of St Thomas Aquinas

St Thomas Aquinas comes and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Let us explore the Sixth Chamber–the Heart of God. In this Chamber the Heart of God comes alive in the soul. The soul then becomes a living tabernacle of the Divine Will. Such a soul is always at peace, for he has overcome the temptation to pride resulting in impatience, greed, anger and every sort of debauchery born of pride.”

“Such a soul exists in the Heart of God at every moment and with every breath. He lives to appeal to God alone and to please others as they are pleasing to God.”

“Strive for this–it is attainable!”

April 13, 2005

St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to explain these truths to you. You understand in your heart that each present moment in each person’s life is individual just as each person’s life experiences are individual. These present moments will never be repeated in anyone’s life. When they pass, they are gone forever. It is how the soul spends the present moment that determines his eternity. Therefore, see that the present moment has eternal effects. If the soul responds positively to the graces God gives in the present moment and loves God with his whole heart and neighbor as self, he will have a greater reward in Heaven than the soul that wastes the present moment.”

“Now, in a similar way, every soul’s eternity is experienced in an individual way. This is how the Highest Heaven is experienced by souls in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Chambers. The Highest Heaven in the Fourth Chamber is experienced in a different way than it is in the Sixth Chamber.”

(He smiles.) “Say you are listening to a symphony. The symphony is perfect. The musician appreciates it in a much more complete way than the ordinary person. Yet, they both appreciate it to the fullest of their ability.”

“It is the same with Heavenly reward. The soul that is conformed to the Will of God (Fourth Chamber) is living in the Highest Heaven possible for him. The soul united to the Will of God (Fifth Chamber) or even immersed in the Heart of the Father (Sixth Chamber) experiences an even more profound Highest Heaven.”

Maureen: “You are telling me this. I am not a theologian, St Thomas.”

St Thomas: “No one said you are. Just write it as I tell you. Ask our Heavenly Mother for understanding.”

February 24, 2006

St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to further explain the reality of Heaven to you. Everyone who enters Heaven is living in the Divine Will. Some need to suffer Purgatory in order to reach this goal. But the Sixth Chamber—ah yes the Sixth Chamber—is reserved for the greatest saints.”

“Purgatory does not prepare souls for this Chamber, but stops just short of immersion in the Divine Will. The saints in the Sixth Chamber earned this coveted place while on earth. It is such a jewel of a Chamber that not even every saint is admitted to its sanctuary.”

“There are martyrs and other saints who are in the highest place in the Fifth Chamber—for there are certain priority levels within each Chamber—all according to merit. Yet, these saints, while standing very close to the Sixth Chamber, are not allowed entrance.”

“You cannot understand this unless you comprehend that every present moment counts towards your eternal reward. In God’s Mercy, which is one with His Love, sins are forgiven when the heart is contrite. Punishment is also obliterated through certain plenary indulgences. However, it is how deeply the soul immerses his heart and becomes one with the Divine Will while on earth, that determines admission to the Sixth Chamber.”

“In other words, the heart must be immersed in the Divine Will while on earth. There are so few that have accomplished this, and very few in the world today.”

May 15, 2006

 St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“It is your Thomas. I have come to help the world understand more deeply the Flame of Holy Love. This is the Flame which you ask in prayer to burn away your iniquity. Here is how it works.”

“This Flame of Holy Love, which is the First Chamber, first sheds its light upon the areas of sin in the person’s life. Gradually the soul chooses to avoid these sins and to live in Holy Love. The more he chooses Holy Love, the more his free will is melted and transformed in and through the Eternal Divine Will. This transformation continues moment by moment until the Sixth Chamber when the Divine Will lives within the heart.”

April 2, 2007

St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

(He stood and watched me finish my rosary – silently fingering the beads that seemed to be part of his habit.)

He says:

“I have come to help you understand the difference between the Fifth and the Sixth Chambers. The Fifth Chamber is Union with the Divine Will. When two things are united, they are still distinguishable as separate entities–like the Two Hearts in the United Hearts Image. But the Sixth Chamber is even more.”

In the Sixth Chamber the human will is immersed in the Divine Will so that they are, so to speak, mixed together. No longer can one be distinguished from the other. As St Paul said, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives through me.’ The two wills–the Divine Will and the free will–are blended together, one immersed in the other, to become one.”

April 7, 2007
Holy Saturday

Once again I see a Flame around the tabernacle which I know to be the Heart of God the Father.

He says:

“Praise be to Jesus present in the tabernacles of the world.”

“You see before you the Flame of My Paternal Love, which is One with My Divine Will. How I desire mankind come to know Me as Love. All of creation–sky, earth and sea–are a reflection of My Love. But you see, all I have given has somehow been misused, polluted and contaminated by overindulgence.”

“So I come here today, on the day when My Only Begotten Son is passing through Spiritual Limbo, to ask that you help make My Paternal Love known to mankind. Everything that has been given you hitherto was in preparation for this–Mary, Protectress of the Faith, Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, Divine Love, in and through, the United Hearts and at last, the Shield of Truth of St Michael. All of these Revelations build upon, and support what I come seeking now.”

The journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts is a pathway to My Paternal Love and My Divine Will. I do not want humanity to deem this final destination as unattainable. Right now, in this present moment, each soul has the way and the wherewithal to be transported into the Sixth Chamber–immersion in the Divine Will. It is true!”

“See that I call you with the tender and caring Heart of a Father who desires to share everything with His children. Come, then, without delay. Desire to know Me better, to love Me more, to please Me in everything. I am waiting.”

April 8, 2007
Easter Sunday Morning

“I am your Resurrected Jesus! Alleluia!”

“Today you celebrate My Resurrection from the dead. It is the day that I opened the Gates of Heaven to all mankind. But understand that through this Mission and these Messages, I have opened the Gateway to the New Jerusalem and the Divine Will of My Father. This is a channel of grace long-awaited by all who desire to live in God’s Divine Will. It is through the Chambers of Our United Hearts that you begin to live in conformity with My Father’s Will.”

“There are few, indeed, that are immersed in the Eternal Flame of the Divine Will {the Sixth Chamber}; however, it grieves Me that so few try to set this goal before them. As you now see the light from My Wounds, I tell you, this Mission reflects this light into the world–not delivering souls from the Cross, but reflecting the Victory of the Cross.”

“Do not live for this world and its allurements, but for the Eternal Now. Your life is not here, but in Heaven where I await you. Alleluia!”

May 5, 2007
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation; 10th Anniversary – Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Blessed Mother is Mary, Refuge of Holy Love; Their Hearts are exposed and there are angels around Them. There is an hourglass with sand passing through it–passing in front of Them.

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”


 “You must realize that the Eternal Father created time for the specific reason of each soul’s salvation. Therefore, understanding this, realize your existence in this life is the opportunity for each soul to work out his salvation–his eyes fixed on Heaven.”

“I sent My Mother to your midst as ‘Refuge of Holy Love’ so that She could lovingly purge you of your greatest faults and lead you to Me. I come to you as Divine Love to lead you to the Heart of My Father and His Divine Will. Understand that you are now existing in an extended period of grace and mercy, which will have to expire before Justice prevails and My Victory arrives.”

“Do not waste these precious moments of time that My Father has allotted you. See that your own personal holiness in the present moment must be your priority. No wealth or power or reputation will follow you into eternity. Leave the love of these things behind, and embrace the truth of Holy and Divine Love.”

“Do not be mistaken in believing a lofty title, a big bank account or influential friends will earn you Heaven. Love of these things will only earn you a long stay in Purgatory, at best. Whether or not you believe in Purgatory or Hell does not determine its reality. Your exposure to truth–the truths of the Faith, of Holy and Divine Love and your acceptance or rejection of these truths–will bear witness to your judgment. It is not I who will condemn the liberal or save the one who lives in truth, but the soul himself who decides against good or evil.”

“It is always the same vice that leads you away from living in the truth–that of inordinate self-love. That same self-love comes clothed in many forms–ambition, intellectual pride, sensuousness, vanity, power and many more; but it is under these guises Satan appeals to disordered self-love.”

“I come once again today to call you back to the truth and to the reality of your existence in time–not to make the most of this life, but to make the most of the next, earning for yourself the highest of Heavens–immersion in My Father’s Divine Will–the Sixth Chamber. This is the reality–the truth–you must focus on. All else is passing.”

“Thank you for coming here, My little lambs, to be led according to My words to you. Today I come to you as you are exiled in this existence of time and space. You see the sand running through the hourglass, which represents minutes, hours and days. Time is passing quickly as you know it now. So I invite you urgently to pray that the love you have in your heart for the Holy Trinity be increased by the power of the Holy Spirit, for it is the Holy Spirit who inspires every virtue and leads you deeper into the unity of Our United Hearts.”

“Today, My brothers and sisters, We’re blessing you with Our Blessing of the United Hearts.”

July 27, 2007

St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today Jesus sends me to further help you understand the spiritual journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts. The Father and the Son are the only Ones Who can determine what Chamber the soul is interacting with in any given moment. The truth is that in any present moment, the soul may be interacting with more than one Chamber. He may be increasing in virtue [Third Chamber], while at the same time he is being purged of some fault [First Chamber], which is contrary to the same virtue. All the strengths of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Chambers unite in the Fifth and Sixth Chambers.”

“So you see, very often the soul may be cooperating and advancing in many Chambers at once. The truly humble soul does not see himself of even being worthy of the First Chamber, however.”

“As I tell you this, realize that the spiritual journey is multifaceted. What determines each one’s depth of holiness is the amount of Holy Love in his heart in every given moment. Knowing this, understand that every present moment finds the soul in a different challenge towards Holy Love and, therefore, a different depth of holiness.”

July 15, 2008

St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help you see that in order for the soul to make progress in his journey through the Chambers, he must leave behind anxiety and unforgiveness. These two things alone cause more souls to slip out of the Fourth Chamber where they are desperately trying to accept and conform to the Divine Will.”

If the soul should reach unity with the Divine Will, the Fifth Chamber, he is less likely to succumb to anxiety and/or unforgiveness, for he is now falling in love with the Father’s Will, which comes into his heart as Trust.

“In the Sixth Chamber, which is immersion in the Father’s Will, the soul does not succumb to any bad fruit spawned from lack of trust.”

October 17, 2008

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, it is only through the passport of free will that the Chambers of Our United Hearts open to the soul. In a similar way, it is free will that determines the soul’s depth into the Chambers. If you will to go deep, deep into these Sacred Chambers–even to the Sixth Chamber–it will open to you.”

“Tonight I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

October 18, 2010

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you solemnly, this age will pass but My Words to you and through this messenger will not pass. Many that bear false witness against the truths given here will carry their burden into the next life. The thrust of Heaven’s efforts here continues on in an effort to increase the Faithful Remnant who frequent this site; all the while, the enemy promotes lies, false judgments and rash judgments against the reality of Heaven’s intervention. True discernment seems to elude even the most spiritual. They fail to look into their own hearts to see what is lacking.”

“With all that is taking place in hearts and in the world today, do you really think I would forsake you? No! I come with even greater certitude calling you to prayer, sacrifice and to Holy Love. Listen to all Heaven is saying to you here and believe! I call you to live in Holy Love. I call you to perfection by pursuing the journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts. Only the unwise would summarily dismiss My call or presume himself already in the Sixth Chamber. Do not exalt yourselves but pray for true wisdom and true self-knowledge. These two are elusive outside of humility.”

“I call you to holiness. Do not be tricked into thinking it is not I who call you.”

April 28, 2012

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Every journey has a point of departure and a destination. The spiritual journey is no different. It begins when the soul decides to depart from his old ways, and step forward in pursuit of personal holiness. His destination is the Sixth Chamber – immersion in the Will of God.

The soul is asked to leave behind all personal baggage such as disordered self-love, unforgiveness, lack of trust; and to carry with him only love of God (his walking stick) and love of neighbor (his sandals). These two, which are Holy Love, help the soul to skirt any obstacle, and to readily recognize the enemy where he lies in wait.”

“The problem today is souls do not see holiness as a worthy journey to pursue. If a soul cannot even desire to make this spiritual journey, he most certainly can never complete it.”

“Today I desire your prayer be that souls re-evaluate their goals in life. Any goal which opposes this spiritual journey is unworthy and at best, passing.”

I cannot draw souls into My Immaculate Heart if they refuse to come. This is where your prayers make a difference. Prayer can influence free will, thereby influencing free will choices. This is important to remember.”

September 25, 2015

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“As boundaries and borders dissolve, those who desire salvation must cling to the maxim of Holy Love. This is God’s Holy and Divine Will for each soul. While several paths may lead you to God’s Will, the most direct and most easily traveled* is the path through the Chambers of Our United Hearts.”

“There is no boundary which forbids your travel along this spiritual journey except the obstacle of your own free will. This is why it is so important that consciences be formed in the Truth, which is Holy Love. Truth leads you to salvation. You cannot travel deeper into Our Hearts than your will allows. A well-formed conscience desires to go deeper and deeper into these Sacred Chambers. Each Chamber opens onto a deeper relationship with the Lord.”

“There is much confusion in the world today due to the dissolution of boundaries between nations and between good and evil. Accept Holy Love as your boundary and confine your heart to the nation of Holy Love.”

* A similar analogy to “True Devotion to Mary” by St Louis de Montfort (see paragraph #152 – to Jesus through Mary – True Devotion – “is an easy, short, perfect and secure way of attaining union with Our Lord, in which union the perfection of a Christian consists.”) The most direct and easily traveled path to union with God’s Will begins in the First Chamber of the United Hearts – the Immaculate Heart of Mary and ends in the Sixth Chamber – Immersion in the Divine Will.

January 28, 2017
Feast of St Thomas Aquinas

St Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The Sixth Chamber of the United Hearts is complete immersion in God’s Divine Will. This can only be achieved through acceptance of God’s Deciding Will in the present moment. That is to say, the soul accepts whatever happens in the present moment as God’s decision. This surrender takes more than trust. It takes deep humility. The soul that continues to insist in his own way is not surrendering to God’s Deciding Will.”

“God chooses only the best for each soul towards his own salvation and sanctification. Very often it is a cross which brings the soul closer and deeper into the United Hearts, if the soul cooperates with the cross. This is not to say you do not take pain relievers if needed, or you do not try to avoid situations or people who destroy your peace. It does mean that you do not give into anger or frustration because of the cross.”

“Allow God to decide for you in humility. Complaining is a sign you have not accepted God’s decisions for you. Ask Our Lady and the angels for the grace of acceptance.”

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