God Our Father




Messages of God Our Father

St Catherine was given the extraordinary gift to listen, hear and record messages from the Eternal Father. Her book, “The Dialogue”, contain the revelations of The Father that affirm and challenge. Here, The Father is our parent and heavenly teacher.


On Pride

  • Pride is born from and nurtured by sensual, inordinate self-love.
  • Pride obscures the knowledge of the truth.
  • Pride is the enemy of obedience.
  • Pride’s pith is impatience.
  • Pride blinds the eye of the intellect.
  • Pride gives the appearance of tender self-love, but in truth it is cruel.
  • Pride causes the greatest poverty and misery,
  • Pride deprives of virtue and causes treacherous 
  • Pride causes the elect to fall from heights to depths of mortal sin.
  • Pride is like a bandage over the eyes of the Spirit.
  • Pride perverts judgment.


On Humility and Virtues

  • Your humility is tested by the proud, your faith is tried by the unjust, your compassion by the cruel, and your gentleness and kindness by the wrathful.
  • The source of humility is the soul’s true knowledge of …self and of My goodness.
  • Without humility, the soul would be without discernment. For lack of discernment is set in pride, just as discernment is set in humility.
  • Your neighbors are the channel through which all your virtues are tested and come to birth, just as the evil give birth to all their vices through their neighbors.
  • When I say that humility is tested by pride, I mean that a proud person cannot harm one who is humble, for the humble person smothers pride.
  • When you return good for evil you not only prove your own virtue, but often you send out coals ablaze with charity that will melt hatred and bitterness from the heart and mind of the wrathful, even turning their hatred to benevolence.
  • Consider the virtue of steadfast courage. It is tested when you have to suffer much from people’s insults and slanders, which would like to drag you away from the way and teaching of the truth either by abuse or flattery.


On Discernment

  • Discernment is that light which dissolves all darkness, dissipates ignorance, and seasons every virtue and virtuous deed. It has a prudence that cannot be deceived, a strength that is invincible, a constancy right up to the end, reaching as it does from heaven to earth, that is from the knowledge of Me to the knowledge of oneself, from love of Me to love of one’s neighbors.
  • Discernment’s truly humble prudence evades every devilish and creaturely snare, and with unarmed hand-that is, through suffering—it overcomes the devil and the flesh. By this gentle glorious light the souls sees and rightly despises her own weakness; and so by making a fool of herself she gains mastery in the world, treading it underfoot with her love, scorning it as worthless.


On Free Will

  • Each of you have your own vineyard, your soul, in which your free will is the appointed worker during this life.
  • Once the time of your life has passed, your “will” can work neither for good nor for evil; but while you live it can till the vineyard of your soul where I have placed it.
  • This tiller of your soul (free will) has been given such power that neither the devil nor any other creature can steal it without the will’s consent, for in holy baptism the will was armed with a knife that is love of virtue and hatred of sin. This love of virtue and hatred of sin is found in the blood. For My only-begotten Son gave His blood for you in death out of love for you and hatred for sin, and through the blood you receive life in holy baptism.


On The Blood of Christ

  • So the precious life-giving blood of My only-begotten Son, dispelled death and darkness, confounded falsehood, and brought the gift of light and truth.
  • For those who are receptive this blood bestowed and accomplished all that they need to be saved and made perfect. But since its gift of life and grace is in proportion to the soul’s readiness and desire, it deals death to the wicked.
  • I created humankind anew in the blood of My only-begotten Son and reestablished them in grace, but they have so scorned the graces I have given them and still give them!


On Suffering

  • In this life guilt is not atoned for by any suffering simply as suffering, but rather by suffering borne with desire, love, and contrition of heart.
  • The value is not in the suffering but in the soul’s desire.
  • Likewise, neither desire or nor any other virtue has value or life except through My only-begotten Son, Christ crucified, since the soul has drawn love from Him and in virtue follows His footsteps.
  • Suffering satisfies for sin then, with gentle unitive love born from the sweet knowledge of My goodness and from the bitterness and contrition the heart finds in the knowledge of itself and its own sins.


On Priests

  • If you should ask Me why it is My Will that the sins of the clergy should not lessen your reverence for them, this is how I would answer you: Because the reverence you pay to them is not actually paid to them but to Me, in virtue of the blood I have entrusted to their ministry. If this were not so, you should pay them as much reverence as anyone else and no more. It is this ministry of theirs that dictates that you should reverence them and come to them, not for what they are in themselves but for the power I have entrusted to them…
  • To Me redounds every assault they make on My ministers: derision, slander, disgrace, abuse.
  • Among all My creatures I have chosen these ministers of Mine. They are My anointed ones, stewards of the body and blood of My only-begotten Son—your human flesh joined with My divinity.


Note: All quotations of the Eternal Father are gleaned from: Suzanne Noffke, O.P.,
The Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena (Paulist Press, NY, 1980), pg. 1-216.

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